Arshia Zeinali

Iranian Actor & Short filmmaker

Bachelor of theater direction from Soore Art University of Tehran. Cinema and Theater, playwright, Theater and short film screen writer, Cinema director.

My name is Arshia Zeinali an actor & shortfilm maker from iran. I started my own art activities since 2001 by entering theater classes and the courses of the Young Cinema Association. In the first years, I started drawing cartoons alongside the training and accidentally, worked as an animator in a 100 second film called “Fishes dies at Sea,” and I won awards at the 100 Film Festival. In 2007, I was accepted in an action short movie acting test and played in it as an actor. After that, I went to university and studied software engineering for three years. I graduated in 2010 while I played and directed several theaters along my study course. Then, I went to the military service and continued my study of art and cinema. After completing my military career, I accepted in the theatre directing course with a good rank at the art faculty of Soore University in Tehran, which lasted for four years from 2012 to 2016. While I was studying, I played a lot of films, and I tended to acting in cinema movies. At the end of my studies in university, I got acquainted with the camera relatively well, and given the directing experience in the years when I was working as a cartoonist, along with playing in short and long films, I started making short films. I participated in many international festivals and received several awards. I think this is just a start for the way I chose. I hope to play and create many films again and again.

Tehran International Short Film Festival

He participated in different edition of the Tehran International Short Film Festival and won
First as the actor of the best film in the national section and after a few years as the best director of the experimental film

Iranian Youth Cinema Society

After completing the four-year university course, he started working with the Iranian Youth Cinema society and made several short films and was able to win awards in various festivals

Sooreh Art University of Tehran

During his four years of studying at Sooreh Art University , he gained a lot of experience in the field of acting, writing and directing theater and cinema